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Joe Biden Could Decriminalize Weed in 2021. Legalizing It Is a Different Story

Joe Biden has promised time and time again to be a president for all Americans. All of them. One more time for the cheap seats: all of them. As it happens, nearly all Americans (91 percent of them, to be precise; the other 9 percent likely have a stick so far up their asses they think it’s touching God) believe marijuana ought to be legalized for medical use at the very least. In 2020, the country hit an all-time high of people who want the drug completely legalized—68 percent, according to Gallup. And yet, as President Biden redid the Oval Office, federally speaking, marijuana remains incredibly illegal, a Schedule I drug with “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.”

That’s about as outdated a view as belief in a flattened earth. Read more »

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