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Canadians can buy recreational cannabis in October

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that recreational use of cannabis will be legalised on 17 October, later than initially expected. Parliament passed a law legalising recreational marijuana on Tuesday but it still needs to be implemented. Read more »

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How California’s legal weed has hurt the people who need it most

Sally Hampton and her father, Bill, were both diagnosed with debilitating health issues one year apart. The bad news struck Sally first: In August 2016, the former Hollywood film and TV writer and producer was suffering recurring headaches so bad she felt like her skull might explode. Doctors did an MRI and discovered what appears […]

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7 mayors want pot removed from federal list of illegal drugs

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Mayors from seven U.S. cities in states with legal marijuana said Monday they have formed a coalition to push for federal marijuana policy reform just days after President Donald Trump expressed support for bipartisan congressional legislation to ease the federal ban on pot. Read more »

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