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Virginia lawmaker looks to legalize marijuana in special session

On July 1, a law decriminalizing the possession of a small amount of marijuana took effect in Virginia. Now, a state lawmaker said she plans to introduce a bill, which, if passed, would go a step further. “If we can decriminalize, we can legalize,” said Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, a Democrat representing parts of Prince […]

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Everything to Know About Cannabis and Coronavirus

It’s been challenging to get a clear picture of the risks associated with smoking amid the coronavirus pandemic. The FDA, which previously warned that vapers and smokers with underlying health conditions might be at higher risk for COVID-19 complications, recently modified that stance, conceding it’s unknown whether smoking and vaping increase the risk of getting the […]

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States that have allowed marijuana businesses to remain open during coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home orders

By and large, most state governments around the nation have deemed medical marijuana companies “essential” during the coronavirus pandemic, meaning the vast majority can keep doing business as usual. But the picture is murkier for recreational cannabis companies. The quickly spreading coronavirus – and the surge of states telling residents to stay home since last week […]

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