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Medical Marijuana Gains Traction in U.S. Senate

Support for medical cannabis is building in the U.S. Senate. Until this year the body had never considered legislation recognizing marijuana’s medicinal benefits, even as growing numbers of proposals were introduced in recent sessions at the other side of the Capitol, in the House. Read more »

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The Great Pot Experiment

Legalization keeps rolling ahead. But because of years of government roadblocks on research, we don’t know nearly enough about the dangers of marijuana—or the benefits Yasmin Hurd raises rats on the Upper East Side of Manhattan that will blow your mind. Read more»

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Pharmaceutical painkiller deaths drop 25% in states with medical marijuana according to study

(NaturalNews) Groundbreaking research published in the respected journal JAMA Internal Medicine has revealed new benefits to the denouement of marijuana prohibition throughout the U.S. It turns out that states where medical cannabis use is no longer a criminal offense are reporting substantially fewer deaths associated with pharmaceutical painkiller use, suggesting that more people in legalized […]

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