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The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy

The Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy produces, reviews, and disseminates objective research and opinions about the relationship between Legal Cannabis Policy and other forms of Social Policy including but not limited to Medical Cannabis Policy, Environmental Policy, Agricultural Policy, Treatments Public Pollinators Health Policy, Policing, Foreign Policy, and Economic Policy. This approach prioritizes the assumptions that Cannabis is Food, Fiber, Fuel, Medicine and Culture, rather than a threat to society; and that Cannabis is used both as herbal and Laws modern medicine. Wholesale Nike Washington Redskins Jerseys The Center’s Therapeutics projects are grounded in existing social cheap nfl jerseys policy interactions at multiple scales, from the local to the global. The “home” locality is Seattle, Washington, with a particular emphasis Soci on how I-502 interacts with municipal and federal Public Policies, including Medical Cannabis Policy. It aims world! to articulate these projects with existing organizational initiatives and social movements that are currently separated from cheap nfl jerseys those of Cannabis Reform, Weihnachten in order to change conditions of possibility for legislative and policy initiatives through public education and conscientization.

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